Thus Spoke He-Man 7/7 – Escape From Eternia

Fraggle Shrugged

The epic conclusion to the bonkers adventure. When we last heard from Sigfred, he had gotten captured by the Eternians, his co-host Robo-Henrik had been killed and turned into an Amazon Alexa device. And Skeletor had ordered his evil army to invade the poor, unsuspecting Fraggle Rock.

How will all this madness resolve? Will Sigfred be able to escape from Eternia? Will the Fraggles survive? And is there a deus ex machina element that’s gonna save them all? Listen along to find out!

Thus Spoke He-Man is a miniseries made by Månegal Media, as part of our podcast Fraggle Shrugged. Find more weird and entertaining projects at

To those that have listened to the series: Thank you so much! Sigfred has worked hard on it, so he hopes you enjoyed it.

Written, performed, produced, composed, mixed, rehydrated etc. by Sigfred Nielsen. Featuring Henrik Viking.

The show makes use of short clips of copyrighted content, for satirical purposes. If you represent the rightsholders, you can contact us at

Fraggle Shrugged
Fraggle Shrugged
Thus Spoke He-Man 7/7 - Escape From Eternia