Thus Spoke He-Man 6/7 – The Death Of A Hero

Fraggle Shrugged

Things have gone horribly wrong for Sigfred and Robo-Henrik. Their quest to Eternia has backfired horribly, and instead of enlisting He-Man’s help to protect Earth from the evil Skeletor, they have ended up in a dank and moist dungeon. But things are about to get much, much worse…

Luckily, they still find the time to discuss Zarathustra’s speech “On Enjoying and Suffering the Passions” and the 5th episode of the He-Man cartoon, “The Curse of the Spellstone”.

NEXT WEEK: Episode 7 – Escape From Eternia

Thus Spoke He-Man is a miniseries made by Månegal Media, as part of our podcast Fraggle Shrugged. Find more weird and entertaining projects at

Written, performed, produced, composed, mixed, catered etc. by Sigfred Nielsen.

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Fraggle Shrugged
Fraggle Shrugged
Thus Spoke He-Man 6/7 - The Death Of A Hero