Thus Spoke He-Man 4/7 – A Guest Stops By

Fraggle Shrugged

Things are little different on the podcast. Robo-Henrik needed the week off, but luckily, Sigfred was able to find a replacement. He met a fellow named Dave in the laundry room of his building, and it turned out that this guy was really into the idea of cross-analyzing Thus Spoke Zarathustra and He-Man.

So they get into what “Believers in a World Behind” believe, and what happens when “Colossor Awakes”. But Dave has a deep, dark secret that threatens the fate of our entire world. Suddenly, there is much more at stake than whether this is a good concept for a podcast (which it is).

NEXT WEEK: Episode 5 – Where No Sigfred Has Gone Before

Thus Spoke He-Man is a miniseries made by Månegal Media, as part of our podcast Fraggle Shrugged. Find more weird and entertaining projects at

Written, performed, produced, composed, mixed, catered etc. by Sigfred Nielsen.

Featuring Mads Storm.

The show makes use of short clips of copyrighted content, for satirical purposes. If you represent the rightsholders, you can contact us at

Fraggle Shrugged
Fraggle Shrugged
Thus Spoke He-Man 4/7 - A Guest Stops By