Thus Spoke He-Man 2/7 – The Overhuman!

Fraggle Shrugged

This week we really begin to dig into Thus Spoke Zarathustra and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Sigfred and his buggy robotic companion Robo-Henrik go through the entire opening section of the book, and get their first taste of what Nietzsche thinks about the world. And in particular, his infatuation with what he calls an “Overhuman”. A fitting counterpiece to this, is the first episode of He-Man to be broadcast, “The Diamond Ray of Disappearance”. Here we learn about the odd and confusing world of Eternia — good thing that that place doesn’t exist!

And thus we are off on our epic podcast adventure into the boundless promise of an very good premise.

NEXT WEEK: Episode 3 – A Very Good Idea For A Podcast (Seriously)

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Fraggle Shrugged
Fraggle Shrugged
Thus Spoke He-Man 2/7 - The Overhuman!