Thus Spoke He-Man 1/7 — This Is The Podcast Now

Fraggle Shrugged

Finally the time has come – the podcast event of the year.

Sigfred has had the great idea to start a new podcast comparing the cheap 80s cartoon He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to Thus Spoke Zarathustra, the nihilistic and fantastical philosophy book by Friedrich Nietzsche. Robo-Henrik – the AI recreation of Henrik that Sigfred has made to replace his lapsed friend – gets dragged along, despite being rather skeptical about the whole endeavor.

In this episode, Sigfred introduces the concept for the show, still blissfully unaware of the evil that he is about to unleash…

NEXT WEEK: Episode 2 – The Overhuman!

Thus Spoke He-Man is a miniseries made by Månegal Media, as part of our podcast Fraggle Shrugged. Find more cool stuff at

Written, performed, produced, composed etc. by Sigfred Nielsen. The show makes use of short clips of copyrighted content, for satirical purposes. If you represent the rightsholders, you can contact us at

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Thus Spoke He-Man 1/7 — This Is The Podcast Now