4 – Dirty Doozers & Moist Moochers

Fraggle Shrugged

This episode goes all in on the Fifty Shades of Galt reading – the steaming hot capitalism of Atlas Shrugged simply demands it. In addition to a long and moist reading from chapter 4, “The Immovable Movers”, Henrik and Sigfred watch episode 4 of Fraggle Rock, “You Can’t Do That Without A Hat”. Here, the fraggles learn a lesson that is completely besides the point of the story, and Doc indulges in some light animal abuse.

If you want to skip the extended reading from the book, it ends at around 41:30. But really, you should just give yourself over to the moistness. Since reading this much copyrighted material from the God of libertarians will most likely get us sued into oblivion, why not go out with a wet bang!

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4 – Dirty Doozers & Moist Moochers