6 – Plot is a Primitive Vulgarity in Literature

Fraggle Shrugged

Guys, we need to have a talk about some basic economic concepts, because it’s becoming increasingly clear that Ms. Ayn Rand was too busy at school fantasizing about greedy and emotionally abusive boys to learn anything about how money works. In chapter six, “The Non-Commercial” she throws a party for all of her characters, and that goes about as well as you’d expect. And while she serves up some questionable views on the free market, Fraggle Rock drops some actual economic truth in the sixth episode, “The Preachification of Convincing John”.

Get ready for a rockin’ good time, full of colorful characters, serious economic discussions, a book reading tinged with latent homoeroticism, and a crazy, rabbit-hole-diving conspiracy theory. It’s a wild ride, that may or may not include viking pirates, 90s technopop, mythical nations, and a time traveling plot. All aboard the train to crazy town!

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6 – Plot is a Primitive Vulgarity in Literature