11 – Movie Time At Last – with special guest Kaare Olsen

Fraggle Shrugged

There’s a video version of this episode with clips and other good stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGNFX2CxAXI

This is it, guys! We finally got to put down that brick of a book for a moment and kick back with a movie instead. We met up and made a day of it, and watched the 2011 film “Atlas Shrugged: Part I”. We also watched the last episode of the first season of Fraggle Rock, “The New Trash Heap in Town”. To get some fresh perspective, we brought along our friend Kaare Olsen to help us make sense of all this.

The movie fails spectacularly, both in delivering Ayn Rand’s trademark bombastic word salad, and just as movie in general. And Fraggle Rock gets darker than ever as it finally fully embraces its suicide-cultiness. This marks the end of Season 1 of Fraggle Shrugged. We’ll take a few weeks off to regain our breath, and maybe a shred of our sanity, and then we’ll be back with more moist metal and freaky Fraggles.

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11 – Movie Time At Last – with special guest Kaare Olsen