0 – Kicking Off the Podcast

Fraggle Shrugged

In this introductory episode of Fraggle Shrugged, the two hosts Henrik and Sigfred present the concept for the podcast: They will read through Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand’s very long libertarian mystery novel from 1957. For each chapter, they will also watch an episode of Fraggle Rock, a Jim Henson Muppet TV show from the 80s.

They will then analyze and compare the two, to discover the hidden connections. Will Atlas Shrugged turn out be as silly as the Fraggles? And will Fraggle Rock have anything to say about economic philosophy? Follow along on this mad journey to find out.

But before the descend into madness truly kicks off in Episode 1, we take a moment to introduce ourselves and the project in this Episode 0. It’s going to be some loose and hopefully entertaining discussions, from two baffled Danes. Let’s get into it!

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Fraggle Shrugged
Fraggle Shrugged
0 - Kicking Off the Podcast