2 – The Savagely Overabundant Vitality of a Brass Meatball

Fraggle Shrugged

Hope you like metal (and not the genre of music), because it’s about to get so metally up in here. When Ayn Rand likes something, she’s not shy about it, and be warned – she really loves metal. Henrik and Sigfred read through chapter 2 of her 1000+ pages capitalist fever dream of a novel Atlas Shrugged, which is titled “The Chain” (no relation to the Fleetwood Mac song, sadly). To maintain their sanity, they also watch episode 2 of Fraggle Rock, titled “Wembley and the Gorgs”.

Turns out the two have a theme in common. On this light and humorous podcast episode, we end up having to talk about the morality of slavery (it’s bad. That’s our official stance on that) and other fun stuff. And then it gets steamy in here on a special Metal Edition of Fifty Shades of Galt.

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Fraggle Shrugged
Fraggle Shrugged
2 - The Savagely Overabundant Vitality of a Brass Meatball