1 – When I See Things, I See Them

Fraggle Shrugged

After fumbling their way through an introductory episode, Henrik and Sigfred embark on their mad journey for real. In this episode, they read the first chapter of Atlas Shrugged, called “The Theme”, and watch the first episode of Fraggle Rock, called “The Beginning”.

Along the way, they try to make sense of the two strange worlds, and discover some compelling evidence that it might actually be the same world. They also do their first sexy libertarian reading in the segment “Fifty Shades of Galt”, and hand out awards to some noteworthy phrases and characters.

We hope you will read and watch along — it’s not required, but it sure would make us feel better about our questionable life decisions. If you want to share something with us, feel free to holler at us at fraggleshrugged@maanegal.dk or @maanegal in the Twittersphere.

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1 – When I See Things, I See Them