Fraggle Shrugged

Fraggle Shrugged

2019-2020 | English, Podcast, Video

In Fraggle Shrugged, Henrik Viking and Sigfred Nielsen read through Atlas Shrugged, the classic and very long libertarian mystery novel from 1957 by Ayn Rand. They also watch Fraggle Rock, a Jim Henson Muppet TV show from the 80s.

Chapter by chapter, and episode by episode, they delve into the two works to unspool the weird and interesting details and discover the deep, hidden connections between the two that they are absolutely convinced are there. Which of the two will end up providing the more insightful and coherent philosophical musings? (Spoiler: not Atlas Shrugged…)

So follow along on this strange and amusing journey into endless descriptions of wooden characters maniacally discussing railroad infrastructure, and cheerful muppets gleefully dancing around the agony of existence. And don’t worry – reading the 1000+ pages novel is not required…

In this podcast: “Thus Spoke He-Man”

Featuring Thus Spoke He-Man — a seven part miniseries of absurd radio theater, where Sigfred goes on a madcap journey to the world of He-Man, to save our dimension from the evil Skeletor. He also reads Nietzsche and chats with his weird robot co-host.

Listen along for seven crazy episodes, that go from a simple discussion of the He-Man cartoon show from the 80s and Nietzsche’s chaotic philosophy book Thus Spoke Zarathustra — to an epic quest into distant dimensions…

Thus Spoke He-Man has a big, epic orchestral soundtrack composed by Sigfred Nielsen. You can listen to that by itself here, or find on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and all the other music places.